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  1. In the UK it is now officially election campaign period. Parliament has been dissolved, we have no MP's and can look forward to 38 days of endless drivel on BBC News. For those who are interested, there is a pretty good alignment profiler at https://uk.isidewith.com/. It asks some fairly impartial questions and lets you caveat the answers so you're not faced with a strict Yes/No. Apart from indicating where you stand in the spectrum, the analysis is also quite interesting. Incidentally, feel free to keep your political beliefs off the forum unless you are particularly thick skinned and can take a good ribbing for being a dirty socialist peasant. Vote for gay marriages, or Dr_Chris will euthanise a kitten!
  2. The MANW winners have been announced. As predicted, RHS took to the top prize in the total modification category (there was never really any doubt about that one). TFR walked away with a nice prize in the mod category and King of the Hill for MP game mode. Frankly I don't think any of the choices were particularly imaginative and if this was genuinely an attempt by BIS to encourage innovative content they've rather missed a trick. All the chosen winners are pretty standard mods which have been around in one form or another since ArmA2 days. Probably more interesting than the winners is what didn't make the cut - ACRE, CSE, MCC, ALiVE, Lost World, AGM and Epoch were all overlooked for what were arguably very 'safe' choices. No real encouragement to make new and interesting content if BIS and their chosen panel of impartial judges are clearly more interested in the same old stuff. Nevertheless, congrats to the winners!
  3. And the producer, who is Clarkson's best mate since they were kids.
  4. He also said the rumours are complete bollocks. Also he'd be terrible. He's a ginger cunt.
  5. Much as I enjoyed the show I've only been watching the specials recently as the old format was getting a bit tired. Shame it's ended under a cloud and I have no idea how the BBC imagines they'll keep the show going. Half the fun was the 3 presenters ripping the piss out of each other and everything around them. I can't see it being nearly as amusing without Clarkson being a twat to everyone.
  6. I had a chat with the guy who heads up the CCEA team (consumer content stuff) at Ofcom yesterday. He is increasingly frustrated that his decisions are effectively being overruled by popular torch waving in the press, even when we only get a handful of actual complaints. The sad truth is that all three presenters are sick to death of the program and would really prefer to see the back of it and do their own things. I met the Hamster at a polo match a couple of years back and even then he said he wish they'd just kill it off so he could go and do something less tired around the edges. Problem is, it's makes a bloody fortune for the BBC on the international commercial channels.
  7. We actually got this working with ALiVE a while ago. Nfc what state it's in now though.
  8. It's not as technical as you might think. A3Sync simply looks in your ArmA3 folder for anything that looks like a mod. If the @mod folder name is the same as the one in our repo, it will sync them up. So you could download RHS, unzip it to @RHS in your ArmA3 folder, then fire up A3sync and update VCB repo. It will automatically detect you have it already. You can install any number of other mods you like. Just ensure you use only the approved ones when trying to join the VCB server on mission nights.
  9. Friznit

    Amusing Things.

    Not sure but I think it was actually the right to arm bears.
  10. Unreal: free until you earn $3000 a quarter, the amount over that is charged at 5% gross http://arstechnica.com/gaming/2015/03/ahead-of-gdc-epic-makes-unreal-engine-4-free-for-all-designers/ Unity: free version is usable until you have $100K revenue or funding in a year. http://arstechnica.com/gaming/2015/03/unity-5-game-engine-brings-enhanced-graphic-tools-new-cloud-services/ Source 2: Steam takes a 30% cut http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2015-03-04-valve-announces-the-source-2-engine-which-will-be-free-to-developers
  11. His last tweet - LLAP. What a legend.
  12. My old comp is being used by my bro at the moment, mostly just to player Civ 5 and do web dev work (that GeForce 670 is a bit wasted on him but hey ho). It's still running Windoze Fista from yonks again and probably about time I upgraded him to 7 (ideally) or 8 (if I have to). I've just plugged in an SSD and need to transfer the OS too. So, questions: Where to keep cheap version of Win 7 (or 8)? Best approach to reinstall? I expect it might be easier just to back everything up, format and then install Windoze on the SSD rather than fucking around with cloning and upgrading.
  13. Friznit

    Amusing Things.

    Meanwhile, in Talibania:
  14. Ben, stole your pic for a good cause. Ta!
  15. RHS - late submission that entered after the competition was specially reopened. Only resubmission to make the finals. Eastern European dev group. Provides content for ArmA3 to replace the universally hated lolfuturistic crap, thus digging BIS out of a difficult hole. Tinfoil hats!
  16. Yay woo. Some really odd finalists included in there though!
  17. And this is why VCB will always be more realistic than every other tacticool realism clan who has no concept of the kind of random banter that never stops in the military.
  18. Yay more gucci pics for the trg wing docs ;
  19. Friznit

    Amusing Things.

    One must always put ketchup on one's sausage.
  20. Oh but that was true. Just nobody believed it. I think we should make the lawyers pay back the £24mill costs for stringing everyone along for 10 years.
  21. I'm going to have to turn some of your pics into sigs/banners/pics for the website and training pages, they really are rather good.
  22. The big questions at the moment are when will OPEC cut production, and will it have the same impact as it used to before the US Oil Sands boom. What I don't understand is that the doom sayers and pundits all trot out the same arguments every time the price of oil peaks or troughs, as it has done repeatedly over the last 150 years. The two biggest upwards trends in recent history have coincided with invading Iraq, so it's pretty obvious what 'murica needs to do to make their Oil Sand massively profitable and fix their economy...
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