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  1. Int indicates that after handing the PW's over to A Coy Sgt Major as per SOP, the Company echelon came under sustained contact from an enemy stay behind force and was forced to withdraw. In the ensuing fire fight, one enemy vehicle was destroyed but the fate of the PWs is unclear. It is unlikely given their situation that they were liberated and it is presumed that these valuable sources of intelligence have unfortunately been denied by enemy forces.
  2. Combined Arms Tactical Trainer (CATT) is indeed quite old tech but even when it was new the graphics were shit. On the other hand, they're networking 400+ people on single instance massive maps, which most game engines can't even get close to (typically 64 player on 10x10 maps) so they have to take a hit somewhere. When listing the requirements for these training systems, graphics is rarely a must have. They are procedural trainers where you can practice drills and procedures in a relatively cheap and highly repeatable environment before going into the field proper. They don't need to be pretty to do that. As an example, Steal Beasts is a far better training aid that ArmA3 for tanks, despite the graphics, because the fidelity of the sim is far and away better than ArmA3.
  3. VBS3 surely? Not the same company anymore, though they still share tech
  4. Mostly small insects and worms and stuff. Don't give them cheese or chocolate. Doesn't go well with their digestive system.
  5. He tamed them with meat and narcoberries, then filled them with wood. .... Somehow that doesn't sound right.
  6. Impossibru. It shall remain forever as a monument to your super specialness. Teasel - Glad to see you're teaching your new minion the art of cam and concealment at an early age.
  7. https://open.spotify.com/album/0BOFvdiPTGO3SOtqdhtowK
  8. Friznit

    I'm back, sorta

    And you're still beautiful. Yes Arma3. There may even be a WW2 mod in the works. Hopefully see you soon!
  9. https://youtu.be/p2cXR1yGKb4
  10. Friznit

    Amusing Things.

    How the fuck is this national news?
  11. I've been to RIAT almost every year since 2008 and they say that every single time. It's probably true every time tbh, since they have no clue if the'll get funding or parts for the next year.
  12. Haha. Looks like 3 Platoon during one of our O Groups!
  13. /gets rainmeter What skin? I like the pics.
  14. I hope the Battle of Britain 75th anniversary will be good this year. Very tempted to buy tickets.
  15. Scary number of people actually taking that seriously.
  16. Nice vid! Love the shells pouring over your head from the MG next to you. Great example of teamwork and VCB at it's best. That should go into Reaper's super video ;)
  17. Sadly my internet was being shit. What was nice though is it didn't feel Zeus trolled.
  18. Friznit

    Amusing Things.

    All the gags in Top Gear are scripted? Who knew?!
  19. Also, do want http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-33244861
  20. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-33237439 Sounds like the precursor to Op Inglewood!
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