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  1. More smoke needed on break contact and withdrawal. Otherwise not too shabby.
  2. Friznit

    Amusing Things.

    Or just add 'mildly' to the thread title.
  3. Must be because you're so enormously fat then!
  4. No. Died in contact to collateral damage.
  5. They're made by different companies!
  6. The third one - "Portrait of a Soldier." Seriously poster material. If it wasn't for the clipping issues you could sell that to the Daily Mail.
  7. Nobody ever said anything about "Safeguarding"
  8. Cortana was the first thing that got fucked off.
  9. Friznit

    Amusing Things.

    It's left its legs behind :o
  10. I just pressed upgrade and it all worked. Didn't take very long and it retains most of the settings. Win10 makes getting to the control panel a pain by default, so first thing you want to do is rip the heart out of the default start menu and rebuild it with some sensible buttons.
  11. That LOTR reference with Sean in the scene, so clearly a geek reference to the well-known meme. I laughed but nobody else got it :(
  12. Excellent. Didn't even know it was a thing. I might read Rubicon again though. Just finished SJA Turney series of novels about Caesar in Gaul so have fiction confusion
  13. Avast free since avg turned into cunts
  14. I am but not that mad for it. Will probably wait until it's on sale.
  15. Fallout, mount my blade again, thy kingdom come, navy sim thing, squadron 42. Come to think of it, that's the same list as last year.
  16. All I can think about is how incredibly hot and minging those helmets would get after a couple of hours of platoon attacks in the rain.
  17. Int indicates that after handing the PW's over to A Coy Sgt Major as per SOP, the Company echelon came under sustained contact from an enemy stay behind force and was forced to withdraw. In the ensuing fire fight, one enemy vehicle was destroyed but the fate of the PWs is unclear. It is unlikely given their situation that they were liberated and it is presumed that these valuable sources of intelligence have unfortunately been denied by enemy forces.
  18. Combined Arms Tactical Trainer (CATT) is indeed quite old tech but even when it was new the graphics were shit. On the other hand, they're networking 400+ people on single instance massive maps, which most game engines can't even get close to (typically 64 player on 10x10 maps) so they have to take a hit somewhere. When listing the requirements for these training systems, graphics is rarely a must have. They are procedural trainers where you can practice drills and procedures in a relatively cheap and highly repeatable environment before going into the field proper. They don't need to be pretty to do that. As an example, Steal Beasts is a far better training aid that ArmA3 for tanks, despite the graphics, because the fidelity of the sim is far and away better than ArmA3.
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