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  1. Did you find any gorms in the cairns, or were you completely gormless?
  2. Whatever for? I bloody well hope I got a proper apology!
  3. I will have to check that out. I'm always interested in hearing the other view because only then can you really form your own. Similary I'm on the hunt for any historical accounts wars (any war really) from the loser's perspective. Given the amount of material on WW1 & 2, there's surprisingly little written by Germans, Italians and Japanese that are not apologies.
  4. He was the best PM the Conservatives never had. Been a bit of a useless twunt since then.
  5. Tony Blair is still alive, so I definitely never met him with a gun in my hands.
  6. Yes..I think you should. I had a dream that I went to a night club with a fellow officer's from my Regiment and then started hitting on his sister. He wasn't very impressed.
  7. I had a very vivid dream about a massive laser quest game in a factory with VCB vs some Russians dressed like dudes from the original Tron film. We were winning until they starting firing razor blades at us. One caught someone in the jugular with spectacular results. Became a bit of escape and evasion, which was fun.
  8. Which noob takes a long sword to a siege fight? Do like how they retreat off the walls now. Needs to hurry the fuck up and release.
  9. Nice screens. And love that quickie vid!
  10. It's morning again. How dreadful. Thursdays are worse than Mondays and I have little to look forward to other than an enormous pork bap at lunchtime. And EU4 tonight if the fringe countries are up for it.
  11. Today is a bacon day. I have Flash Gordon theme stuck in my head and last night I dreamt I was trying to land a tornado with the wings stuck in the fully swept back position. I managed it with a little help from my dad though, so we had a bottle of champagne to celebrate. What dreams have you delightful people experienced recently?
  12. Reddit it, with that caption! (and get raged at by some cunt who thinks it should be in r/pics)
  13. Pretty cool stuff. Ben would be proud of your use of 3rd Person. Would be nice to splice it with some bits from the perspective of support or another section and make it publicly available.
  14. Ranger recommended I read Christian Cameron's Killer of Men series about the ancient Greek revolt against the Persians. Superb series and can't recommend highly enough for those interested in historical fiction. His Tyrant series, which spins off his book on Alexander, is also well worth a read.
  15. It's a known bug in ArmA at the moment (or RHS, or both). They can be knocked out with UGLs then shot but in the meantime might be worth going easy on the number of static MG used!
  16. Friznit


    And so does Hunter87 for that matter
  17. Friznit


    Has a tiny willy. Discuss.
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