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  1. Cool vid. Except: Homosexual has one M. Appreciating the landscape has no impact on my sexual preference. I need to teach people how to use machine guns. That's a very good example of how not to do it. Probably a good one to add to the (real) Tank mission I'm cooking up.
  2. Ummm, don't look at Cameron, look to France if you want to see who's driving this. The French get a good proportion of their oil from Libya and stand to lose the most if that supply is cut off. Cameron wants to share defence assets with France to save costs (e.g. joint aircraft carrier program, strategic airlift, ASTOR etc), so naturally he'll make lots of noises to support them. We also have the yanks to appease slightly since we let Mr Lockerbie go home (see recent news). Yanks hate Libya, but can't rattle the sabre cos they have themselves a pretty shitty rep with invading countries atm, and that'd fuck off China/Russia/The Arab League, so they do a deal - UK/France do all the shouting, convince the Arabs it's in their best interests to play ball, and the US step in as the white knights and provide the important big toys (AWACS, Sat Int etc), not to mention tweaking the Resolution ever so slightly from a mere no-fly zone to "we can bomb the shit out of anything we want." UK is sending 4 Tornados which are fuck all use on Telic (I think that's about we all have left anyway), which can fly backwards and fowards from Cyprus all day. "No boots on the ground" clearly doesn't include all the SAS we've had crawling around there for the last 2 months, but I guess someone has to paint the targets. Poor blighters. So yeah, in short I think the government has navigated through a stupidly complex diplomatic minefield pretty damn well. Remains to be seen if they did it quick enough though - be a bit of a bugger if the Colonel won after all.
  3. It has a colour - that delightful chap is clearly a Para :P
  4. Dave that vid is superb, you've really surpassed yourself. Really gives a good flavour of what we're all about. And I need to watch what I say on TS....
  5. Looks messy. In Chally 2 you ran up the NBC pack and kept the lid closed - this caused slight overpressue inside which forced all the smoke out of the barrel as the breach auto-opened after firing. Kept it clear inside. We forgot to turn the NBC pack on once - two shots and we couldn't see a fucking thing!
  6. 1. The Labour party - Shooting's too good for them. Bring back hanging. 2. Investment Bankers. - Enslave them. They're quite useful, but paid too much. 3. Insurance companies - boil them in oil, then batter them and feed them to the enslaved bankers. 4. Premiership footballers (for being over-payed, whinging, spoiled wankers) - totally this.
  7. Insurance costs are sky rocketing this year. Thieving bastards, the lot of them.
  8. Its from "Linkin Park - Cure For The Itch" ;) D'oh ofc ::) I even have that album
  9. CJ, what's the track in the first 5 secs of your Trench vid? Bugging the hell out of me. And speaking of music, gotta love the stuff you used in that last one you did. Makes such a nice change after all the heavy lolbeatz most people insist on putting in every video ever.
  10. What Chris said. He has a point - it's well known that many small time terrorist groups have jumped on the AQ bandwagon, and many others have been recruited to 'the cause', but it is highly unlikely that the US made it up. Then again, these are the sort of people who think USA never landed on the moon, orchestrated Oklahoma and the Twin Towers to justify going to war, and are actually run by Men in Black who are aliens in disguise. Strangely all these things only happen in America, the rest of the world is somehow immune (apart from the British Royal Family, who apparently murdered Diana cos they're lacist). And Gibraltar may be a worthless rock which is pointless since we don't have a navy anymore, but in a referendum in 2002, 99% of them voted that Spain could fuck off and die in a fire (paraphrasing)
  11. It's in the ArmA2OAProfile HUD=0 (show or hide leader location and your position in the formation) I mentioned this before, but everyone wanted to keep them so it didn't get changed. Edit: Actually I just checked. I mentioned it in the NCO forum in reference to game difficulty settings. Everyone agreed we should get rid of the HUD markers but leave 3rd Person and Crosshairs on. Guess we never got around to changing it yet :P
  12. We had this discussion about 3rd person view the other day. My initial reaction was similar to Jez - eewwww, but then thinking about it I stared wondering why people get such a cockstand about it. Given that it simulates the situational awareness that is lost due to limitations of the game engine (peaking over walls without exposing your entire upper body for example) I'm inclined to say that is a necessary evil. On the flipside, this is still a computer game, who gives a damn how you play as long as your drills are sharp it doesn't matter one jot :)
  13. I feel I'm missing out here...where does that mini map in the corner come from?
  14. I'm going to have to tighten up my VP :-X
  15. Sweet. Night attack looks pimp and love the ending :D
  16. "Bloody officers! You could square the root of a tin of baked bean but you couldn't bloody open one!" The daily litany of my CSgt at Sandhurst :P The particular incident we're referring to, tragic though it may be, really needs to go into the category of "shit happens". CQB in a very hostile environment is hard enough as it is without having hostages in the mix. (See also: VCB hand grenade skills on the recent HELIX)
  17. Osborne's budget is a hell of a gamble, but given the alternative I don't see he has much of a choice. If the UK didn't present a robust plan for reducing the deficit, we'd be in danger of losing our AAA credit status and then we'd be royally fucked. The knock on effects of that would make the current cuts look like pocket change in comparison. Quite apart from the fact that keeping the deficit at current levels costs us more than the entire schools budget just in interest. And all this arguing about progressive/regressive is just balls frankly. In other news, new bevvy: Astute on the Rocks. It's nuclear!
  18. Welp, DTR just got canned. Since the Home office just binned eBoarders my company is gonna be hurtin' some >:(
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