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  1. @Anthony: Youtube links with a word as to why they're good/bad would actually be relevant. Otherwise it's just pointless forum spam.
  2. So...Fallout 4 checked off the list and Naval Action played in early access but still waiting on M&B, Thy Kingdom Come and Sqn 42.
  3. He was my brother's CO in the Light Dragoons (and his daughter is an utter bitch but that's another story). His Hervey series are well-worth reading, especially the first one about Waterloo.
  4. Cool video but strongly suggest you turn off TS notifications - it's a real immersion breaker!
  5. In many ways it's a relief that you need 90+ super nerds and some serious computing power to make it happen. At least it means we're not simply missing something really obvious.
  6. Nothing to do with Zeus. Red selected landing points at least 200m apart using ALiVE CS....
  7. Did anyone capture some footage from the UAV? Would be cool to splice it in.
  8. Yeah he doesn't appear to have done anything with it them since I handed over all the source code.
  9. No. It needs someone to figure out CBA Keybinds so we can make sys_melee work again. I gave it a go but couldn't get it to work.
  10. That's just wrong in so many ways.
  11. Epic. Gives a really great insight into what goes on around the platoon. We really need to get more footage of HQ so we can get the command perspective into these vids.
  12. Assuming co-op is same as 5, then you just share an island and build your town. You can share workers but have to compete for raw materials. Realistically it's more like two individuals happening to be on the same map but it's still fun for a while. No games for me this weekend though. Off to the Usk Show!
  13. Due to NCO sloppiness you've not technically left yet!
  14. Apparently every section suffers from the 1 Section effect. I guess VCB never gets any action and it's only the AI that ever shoots things.
  15. Just as long as you don't fall into the trap of thinking it's providing you situational awareness.
  16. No you didn't, therefore my post clearly wasn't about you!
  17. As I said on slack, when you get to be the guys in the chopper I hope you can show us all how it's done. Keep your criticism constructive, positive and in the appopriate threads. If it turns into a pissing match everytime we let you have toys we'll simply take all the nice things away again.
  18. I'm your wife now, Dave.
  19. If you downloaded it separately (which is recommended cos of the size of it), there may be some non-critical files that are not getting removed because we took a few out. They'll usually be marked in blue in the folder tree. It won't prevent you joining the mission and playing.
  20. Since this is VCB, all I can legitimately reply is GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY (but thanks, that was nice)
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