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  1. Nikeleye


    It's not as tiny as your cunt. Message ends.
  2. Nikeleye

    I'm back, sorta

    Ninja'd by Gilson. Goddamnit.
  3. Nikeleye

    Movie Trailers

    The raccoon thing adjusting his balls, GG.
  4. Escapist Videos Massively NOSINT UKF Commentary Usual Reddit and Imgur front pages too.
  5. Or just use YoutubeCenter... Would be nice if they rolled out HTML5 across the board too.
  6. Nikeleye

    Amusing Things.

    Anthony, in about three hours you need to start drinking lots of water and have a pizza place with 10 minute delivery on standby.
  7. Nikeleye

    Amusing Things.

    Highly recommend the full film.
  8. Thanks Rasa, I'd almost forgot how terrifuckingbad the music videos from that era were.
  9. http://www.rferl.org/content/ukraine-explainer-budapest-memorandum/25280502.html Some reference on the Budapest "treaty" everyone is saying will start WW3, or something.
  10. Rasa was intimating we'd have had our arses kicked if we'd attacked the Soviets immediately post-war and they'd have forced communism upon us.
  11. Nikeleye

    Movie Trailers

    World Premiere of First Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer Marvel is just throwing money at all their comics now. Looks ridiculous but potentially great.
  12. Bluestone 42 new series. Get amongst it.
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