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    Amusing Things.

    I remember that from the 70s..... Frightened me to death..
  2. Thanks to Rasa, VCB has a new theme song..
  3. Don't get me wrong I like Affleck. Dogma is one of my favorite films.. He's made some tat though and I thought Argo was avarage... I just don't think he's going to be as dark as I'd like a Batman to be.. I hope I'm wrong..
  4. I could do better than those two....! But they say it'll gross 2 billion, so I'd give it a go..!!
  5. Ben Affleck as the new Batman... Not sure about this.... Hasn't goot good credentials as a super hero.. Daredevil was a complete load of wank...!
  6. Jez

    Amusing Things.

    Please read first...! The Tragedy: Plane crash in Sanfrancisco. Two Chinese teenage girls were killed when the Asiana Airlines flight 214 slammed into a sea wall and lost its tail on landing last Saturday. A third victim, a young Chinese girl, died from her injuries in hospital on Friday. Dozens of other passengers were injured, and although 182 were taken to hospitals, most suffered only minor injuries. Local TV channel KTVU wanted the scoop by being the first to read out the flight crew's names. They say they got them from the NTSB ( National Transportation Safety Board) even though they arn't allowed to give names out. The names actually came from an NTSB intern and was meant as a prank. KTVU's Horibble Blunder On Asiana Flight 214 Pilots' Names
  7. Well I didn't say it for the benifit of my health..!! People still went to the western side and promptly got shot..!
  8. Fast & Furious 6 Good points: Some birds with very little on. 1973 Jensen Interceptor & Mk I Ford Escort RS 2000 Bad points: Everything else.
  9. That muppet with a strobe was me identifying the LZ as per Friz' request...!
  10. We got a news thread.. http://www.volcbat.com/forum/index.php?topic=667.0
  11. http://www.partridgegetslucky.com/
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