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  1. Well that isn't a name I thought I'd see again! Suhhhh dude.
  2. Mav

    RI Air Tattoo

    I'm there on Saturday.
  3. American IPAs. Get inside me and make me hungover.
  4. Mav

    The Origins of VCB

    Oh my God! I can't believe that's still up! Awesome find. Also Tpr to Flt Sgt in less than 2 months! Awwwwwh yeaaaaah.
  5. What are you doing by the sea? I thought the Commonwealth Games were in Glesga.
  6. The only fun website I can access at work is Sporcle.
  7. Morts - Amazing shout dude. Reaper - Equally amazing shout. Today's Music de Jour:
  8. System Of A Down - Steal This Album Full [best Quality] [HQ] [HD] It's been a long time, indeed. MikeyTWolf time - What kind of outdated forum software is this that doesn't embed? The kind where you just post an http: link, and not an https: link, and it auto-embeds. Fuck you, Redders. ^^^
  9. Mav

    Amusing Things.

    Ditto. Then we can do NogovaGP again.
  10. Go on Friz, post again so you have 7000 posts.
  11. Mav

    Amusing Things.

    He was taking...fucking...phots. I fucking hate truckies.
  12. Mav

    Amusing Things.

    It still won't be as terrifying as PhilCommando Tiger.
  13. Mav

    Amusing Things.

    http://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?h=0&f=210&t=1017090&mid=0&i=0&nmt=How+to+troll+a+dating+website EVERYBODY NEEDS TO SEE THIS
  14. Mav

    Amusing Things.

    Everybody downvote their video!
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