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  1. Flufball

    Amusing Things.

    "Why did you get fired from the daily mirror for putting out fake stories" - Top Job, you stark raving loon.
  2. Flufball

    Hai from Reaper

    Hi Reaper, glad to see you haven't been arrested for a starting a small buisiness war with fire. Now all we need is Leon and we have the complete set.
  3. I'm not sure I'd use the phrase well worth it. Reasonably enjoyable tie in fiction, yes. Well worth it is something I would ascribe to Pratchett, or Rothfuss or Erikson.
  4. The early books are good. Then they started churning out guff ones too because they realised it was making them a fortune (I was chatting to some of the BL team a year or two ago and at the time, they were the third largest indie publisher in the UK). They're on 30 or 40 now and no end in sight for a story with an ending everyone already knows.
  5. Had great fun cooping with Friz on Tropic 5. He basically funded me for an entire game before we restarted and tried again. I vaguely remember being at war at one point but destroyed everything with my mighty aircraft carriers. Including most of my own cities. Because who cares about the plebs?
  6. I can't really contradict any of the above. I don't have any particular ill will towards the game but right now it's very meh. Maybe the planned additions they intend to release at a later date will add to it but at the moment it's a case of an awful lot of procedurally generated content with little gameplay to utilise it.
  7. Screenshots from me - go for it. My Videos - No issue with it but be sensible - i.e. check that what's being said on the video is fit for public consumption. I usually prune my videos quite a bit but sometimes things slip through, which is why they're all unlisted.
  8. Do walls bounce off you in real life? I must admit to being somewhat behind in the finer points of human biology, physics and the significance of being the victim of impact by heavy object but I was always under the impression that if something rather heavy were to fall upon you, at the very least it would cause some degree of injury. :P
  9. Surely you should be watching this, Morts;
  10. I am utterly disappointed that it was not a montage of imperials uttering 'Rebel Scum' in English accents.
  11. Flufball

    Amusing Things.

    I actually like the full clip in all it's (non-russian) context;
  12. Odd. Click to see new posts, see Dark asking about SuckerPunch. Didn't check date. Top lols. Edit ftw. MacBeth is next on my list. Looking forward to that. Skyfall too. Edit: Skyfall? Wtf am I on today? Spectre even. James Bond. Shooting things. Job done.
  13. Yeah, loved the movie. Went with family the other day. An excellent film.
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