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  1. Hi, just seen this. I'm ready to continue the process
  2. Alright thanks. Look forward to talking
  3. Applicant Details In Game Nickname: Stewarts Steam Profile Id: 76561198095568925 Real Name: Aidan Date of Birth: 24/05/2002 Country & Nationality: Scottish Background Current/Previous Squads: Current: The Rifles. Previous: The Wrecking Crew, 12AIB, 5 Rifles Reasons for applying to VCB: Professional looking setup: The website partnered with the info pack promotes professionalism within your unit which I respect I am looking for something to fill out my week on the nights I'm not with my other unit (Thursday and Saturday) I stepped down from command from my current unit due to being sick of it a bit, hoping for a better taste at command eventually in this unit later down the line I am aiming to join The Royal Marine Commandos post University so working alongside like-minded individuals is always great 18+ age limit is ideal for me as with my current unit the younger members (not all) are frustrating to work with, although I accept that there are also frustrating members in the older ages too. Heard about VCB from: Google Search "Arma 3 uk milsim unit" Experience with the OFP/ArmA series: Current unit experience: 6 months+ in CoC : LCpl for 2 months then Cpl for the rest. Been playing in milsim communities since I bought the game (now clocked in approx. 2000hrs) Real life military experience: (cadets/airsoft does not count) None as of yet About the applicant: Studying in University Hoping to join the military after University (currently looking to join UOTC whilst in uni) VERY open sense of humour, sometimes too open I love all sorts of games, I tend not to play Arma 3 outside OP Times, so I play League of Legends, Valorant, Minecraft and so much more. VCB Policies The applicant agrees that they: [Y] Is able to attend 50% or more mission nights in a month (i.e. at least 4) [Y] Has read the VCB Information Pack [Y] Owns a legitimate and working copy of ArmA3 & Apex [Y] Is at least 18 years of age [Y] Owns a working microphone and both speaks and understands English [Y] Will never bring the VOLCBAT name into disrepute on any public forums while a member [Y] Will never discuss or share any ArmA addons we are currently beta testing
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