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  1. Thanks Rasa !! great to pass probation .... think I am almost getting it now. Am I in 2 or 3 section the heading said three and the post said two !!
  2. Thankyou for your selection of me to join your unit. I look forward to learning Arma skills and I contributing where I can. My days of raiding and “yomping” are in the distant rear vision mirror but I was impressed by what I saw and look forward to joining you all. Mike
  3. Craig, thankyou for your kind comments. I enjoy Steel Beasts, even if I’m a very average vehicle commander. My heart has always been in Infantry and I misuse Steel Beasts to try and develop Infantry scenarios. I look forward to campaigning with you again !! Mike
  4. Yes, I did the calculation, I am GMT plus 10, so 2000Z is 0600 here which suits me well. regards, Mike
  5. Applicant Details In Game Nickname: Mike Marauder Steam Profile Id: Mike Maruader Real Name: Michael Davidson ( Not real name will give if there is a secure means) Date of Birth: 21 Sep 1965 Connection speed: 50 mb/sec ( notational) Country & Nationality: Australia (n) Background Current/Previous Squads: Steel Beasts ( No Arma 3 ) Reasons for applying to VCB: Interested in Platoon / Company level tactics in a simulation environment. Would like to make instructional videos on tactics and techniques and videos of historical recreations using Arma 3. Also interested in scenario development. Happy to pay my dues as a number 4 rifleman doing 3 AM sentry duty in the rain every night. Heard about VCB from: Saw on Youtube Experience with the OFP/ArmA series: some basic initial training and single player scenarios as well as basic scenario development. Real life military experience: (cadets/airsoft does not count) Australian Army 23 years Infantry Platoon Commander IO Cdo Regt Divisional IO
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