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  1. I intend to participate on this sunday's OP(17/05/2020).
  2. Applicant DetailsIn Game Nickname: PedroSteam Profile Id: AlexGotchaReal Name: PedroDate of Birth: 27/07/1991Connection speed: 90MB/s down 40MB/s upCountry & Nationality: France Brazilian BackgroundCurrent/Previous Squads: NoneReasons for applying to VCB: Looking for a better and immersive experience than pub serversHeard about VCB from: Reddit FindAUnitExperience with the OFP/ArmA series: Fairly new to arma, Arma 3 is my first and I currently have 30 hours invested.Real life military experience: None.About the applicant: I started to get into Milsims when I first heard about BF2PR years ago, I loved everything about it, I then moved to Squad and just kept expanding my options with other games (Post Scriptum, Hell Let Loose). Until I grew tired of the toxicity of pub servers. I then bought Arma 3, since it is a slower paced game, difficult and less accessible compared to the mainstream titles, I expected the community to be less childish but I was wrong, pub servers are a shit show and I don't understand how people can be so disrespectful. Main reason why I'm looking for a private unit, I wanna be able to enjoy the game without Kevin telling me how he banged my mom.VCB PoliciesThe applicant agrees that they: [Yes] Is able to attend 50% or more mission nights in a month (i.e. at least 4) [Yes] Has read the VCB Information Pack [Yes] Owns a legitimate and working copy of ArmA3 & Apex [Yes] Is at least 18 years of age [Yes] Owns a working microphone and both speaks and understands English [Yes] Will never bring the VOLCBAT name into disrepute on any public forums while a member [Yes] Will never discuss or share any ArmA addons we are currently beta testing [Yes] Will check the forum regularly and post their availability and absencesin the relevant thread
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