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  1. Applicant Details In Game Nickname: Shaka Steam Profile Id: Shaka Real Name: Adam Date of Birth: 02/02/01 Connection speed: 18 mbs down, 4 up Country & Nationality: English, United Kingdom Background Current/Previous Squads: Shadow Company, LIQ Reasons for applying to VCB: Looking for a new unit since my old one dispanded and this looks intersting and seems to fit the right type of play style for me Heard about VCB from: Through a friend who was looking for a unit to join since our old one dispanded Experience with the OFP/ArmA series: ArmA 3 wtih around 1700 hours in game Real life military experience: No About the applicant: I'm into strategy and more realistic games, mostly play ArmA, Squad, PS, War Thunder, DCS, and IL2. I'm interested in military history and I'm currently studying computer science. VCB Policies The applicant agrees that they: [Yes] Is able to attend 50% or more mission nights in a month (i.e. at least 4) [Yes] Has read the VCB Information Pack [Yes] Owns a legitimate and working copy of ArmA3 & Apex [Yes] Is at least 18 years of age [Yes] Owns a working microphone and both speaks and understands English [Yes] Will never bring the VOLCBAT name into disrepute on any public forums while a member [Yes] Will never discuss or share any ArmA addons we are currently beta testing [Yes] Will check the forum regularly and post their availability and absencesin the relevant thread
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