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  1. Is this named in the same way Adel names her albums?
  2. Hi Capio, Thanks very much for the offer. Unfortunately, I don't think it's going to provide popular enough with our members - we are a co-op unit so we tend to sway towards cooperative campaigns in these circumstances. Best of luck in finding some people to play against. If you're looking for other British units specifically, there are a few about - 16AA and 3CB to name a couple. Thanks.
  3. Hi Capio, It seems from the German version of your invite that the setup would be 54 Vs 30 weighted to you guys, with a fairly disproportionate level of kit and equipment. Please can you confirm exactly what the weighting would be? I'm not sure too many people would be interested in a one sided game. Thanks.
  4. Hi Deux. Assuming forgot password to other account - can sort that for you in a bit. How're things?
  5. Human eye can only see 60fps anyway.
  6. I recently had a nightmare that you woke up, as well.
  7. Yeah Adz, you bender. It's the Internet so it would be an e-rap group.
  8. That guy's leg looks pretty uncomfortable.
  9. I think I can speak for both myself and STC's scattered limbs when I say I wish you'd chosen to ditch the mortar.
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