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  1. Hi there Tharwat, I'm your Senior Rifleman (SR) and will be your first point of contact within VCB. Check your inbox, I’ve just sent you a message with the next steps.
  2. Hi there Bootneck, I'm your Senior Rifleman (SR) and will be your first point of contact within VCB. Check your inbox, I’ve sent you a message with the next steps.
  3. Hallberg

    New PC?

    I only monitored it for a few minutes. The load was usually at 20-25% but there were like 1 second segments every 10th second with 40-50% loads. It's possible that there are higher peaks than that, but I didn't notice any during my short test. I've not had any freezes at all during multiple hours of gameplay, so the load should never be near 100% at least.
  4. Hallberg

    New PC?

    I received all parts earlier this week and put everything together yesterday. Everything seems to be working now, and the GPU is the bottleneck for gaming again (as it should be), while the CPU usage is below 50%. I had a sound issue, where only the rear right speaker seemed to produce any sound. I spent roughly 15 min swapping place on the audio contacts and reading the motherboard manual, until I realised that windows had swapped audio output source to my recently plugged in headset (located near the right rear speaker). :-[
  5. Hallberg

    New PC?

    I've placed an order now. Ryzen 7 3700X ASUS Prime X570-P Corsair Vengeance16GB (2x8GB) 3600MHz DDR4 CL18 Noctua NH-U12S SE-AM4 Someone had written in a forum that 3600MHz worked better with that CPU. Thanks for all help! :)
  6. Hallberg

    New PC?

    Thanks for the input. :) A Ryzen 7 3700X has 8 cores instead of 6 but costs roughly 25% more. Are the extra cores overkill gaming-wise, or would it be worth to consider it? A Ryzen 5 2600X has similar specs, but is of an older generation, while being considerably cheaper. Is the generation gap worth all that money? Various variants of B450 seem to be more popular than X570, while cheaper. Which feature(s) of the X570 motivates the higher cost? I was thinking about not overclocking the CPU initially, as I probably won't need the extra frequency for a couple of years and overclocking might reduce the lifespan of the component. Does that seem reasonable, or am I just stupid for not taking advantage of the overclocking possibility? The AMD processors comes with a stock fan. If I don't overclock it, should I stick with the stock fan or get a proper fan anyway to get the heat down and for maybe less noise?
  7. Hallberg

    New PC?

    I've had issues for a few years with my PC freezing for a couple of seconds while playing high end games. But it has only occurred like once an hour, so I wasn't that bothered by it. However, when playing Red Dead Redemption 2 it occurs like once every two minutes, which makes the game unplayable imo. During all of the gameplay, the cpu usage was always high, and during the freezes it hit the 100% for a few seconds. I've downloaded an analysis tool, and it seems like it's the game that is responsible for all those peaks. So my conclusion is that my CPU need to be updated. I bought my computer in late 2012 with the following specs: Intel® Core i5-3570K Processor ASUS P8Z77-V, Socket-1155 Kingston DDR3 HyperX 1600MHz 4x4GB PowerColor Radeon HD 7870 2GB GDDR5 Silver Power SP-S750 750W PSU 256GB SSD + 2TB HDD I upgraded it in March 2017 with: GeForce GTX1070 Strix 8GB 500 GB SSD A proper cpu fan and could overclock the cpu from 3.4 to 3.8 GHz. So upgrading a 7 year old CPU doesn't sound unreasonable to me. But only upgrading the CPU may be difficult. I'm not that knowledgeable with motherboards, but I suspect that I would have to upgrade it as well if I want a good CPU. Given the age of my computer I fell like it may be easier to just upgrade the whole computer in that case. Although I feel like the GPU still have some years in it. So my plan is to get a new PC now, but re-use the GPU and then upgrade it in a few years with a new GPU and possibly more (but not a CPU or motherboard). Given this plan, I want a CPU that will work with high end games (lower settings are fine) for ~5 years. Should I go Intel or AMD, and how "high" to I need to go performance-wise now to reach the 5 year goal? I noted that Adz has a topic in this forum as well from Jan 2017, where he said he upgraded from an i5-3570K as well. I don't know why Adz upgraded his CPU, but it could give an indication of how low my requirements of a 5 year old CPU that "works" for high end games. Memory-wise, I'm leaning towards staying at 16GB (2x8GB), and possibly upgrading in a few years, but getting something with a higher frequency. What frequency would you recommend? Anything else I should consider or pay more attention to when getting a new PC? I don't have a "budget" for this, but every cost should be motivated. I'm from a part of Sweden where people are considered to be "careful with their money", similar to the reputation of Scottish people, and I would say that I fall in that category.
  8. I think I got the same error message (like a windows system error message?), but I'm not sure if it was after the CTR-training or the "fun/test op"on Tuesday. To clarify, that's not the same error as I described at the start of the topic. The "CTR error" occurred when exiting the application. My "out of memory error" causes the application to hang itself mid op, and the "out of memory" message is only written in the rpt-file. And as an update on that error, I didn't crash on either Tuesday or Wednesday, so it could be working. Although, I think the crashes only occurs in intense moments, when there's a lot of enemies engaging us (e.g. Sunday's op when the platoon RV was attacked by the QRF). Tuesday's op didn't include that many own troops and there weren't that many enemies engaging us simultaneously (although there were a lot of enemies on the map). Wednesday op didn't include any engagements (for my section at least). Edit: I got the weekdays mixed up. I seem to be in full vacation-mode.
  9. I don't think that should help me. Although Chrome uses a lot of memory, it's the 4GB of memory the 32-bit application can access that's the problem for me. I have 16GB RAM, so even with both Chrome and Arma running I should have 6-7GB of RAM to spare.
  10. So far I've done the following: Rebound the app key (for Alive menu) Unplugged flight pedals (I thought they were unplugged already) As the error is intermittent and only occurs after a few hours of gameplay, I'll have to test it for the next few ops before knowing if it worked. Regarding the memory allocator, I previously had not ticked that box. So I assume it uses the "default" option then ("Intel TBB 4 allocator" in my case)? Other options are "Windows allocator (system)" and "JEMalloc allocator (jemalloc_bi)". Should I tick it and set it to "default" anyway?
  11. I only had the app key bound (I don't have a left windows key on my keyboard), but it still didn't work. It was worth a try though. Btw, I assumed that the change of keybindings were related to the 64-bit-issue and not the "out of memory"-issue.
  12. Arma randomly crashes for me every other op. When looking in the rpt file, the error is slightly different each time, but it's always related to "out of memory". I currently run the 32-bit version of Arma, which has a 4GB memory limit. The problem seems to occur more frequency than before, I suspect this may be related to changes in the repo. I've tried using the 64-bit version, but it can't load any missions for me. I'm using windows 7, and the issue seems to be known by BI. https://dev.arma3.com/known-issues When I try to install the update they are suggesting I get an error message telling me it can't be applied on the computer (maybe I already have it?). Does anyone have any suggestions, other than upgrading the OS?
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