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  1. A 'Quickie' from Ben's Northern Sword I ... when thrust becomes shove
  2. Another 'Quickie' dredged up from Outlaw's Hussar V ... Teasel wants to play for a change, with predictable results for the rest of us
  3. Resorting to trawling through my unused backfile of op recordings for vid content (given my GFX card when 'phoot!' and its temporary replacement is only capable of capturing slideshow footage)... So here's a 'Quickie' from Vince's Monitor I ... Fighting and Agriculture? How hard can it be?
  4. A 'Quickie' from Outlaw's Hussar IV ... 'Rules are for the obedience of fools and the guidance of wise men'
  5. A 'Quickie' from Thomsprey's Achiever IV-b ... same old drill, same old fun
  6. A 'Quickie' from Minty's Vietnam PTSD Flashback Valentine II ... it's not the destination, it's all about the journey.
  7. A 'Quickie' from Thomsprey's Name Here I... Well at least there were no Dad jokes.
  8. A 'Quickie' from Ben's Dagger Strike I... when the 'Irish Question' is answered
  9. A 'Quickie' from Vince's Monitor V... Fighting through the pain
  10. A 'Quickie' from Vince's Gecko II (Reprise) ... Exhibit A) In & Out - Exhibit B) In & Bu**ering About
  11. A 'Quickie' from Vince's Gila VI ... guess who's back?
  12. A 'Quickie' from Outlaw's Borealis I ... 'messing about in boats'
  13. A 'Quickie' from Red's Adzmin Haft V ... a drive in the country
  14. A 'Quickie' from Outlaw's Hussar III... phoot - pause - Boooom!
  15. A 'Quickie' from Ben's Dagger Strike III... a Wallace Arnold coach-tour trip to the local vineyard
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