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  1. A 'Quickie' from Woodsy's Shadowstrike I ... Rinse and repeat. Oh! Maybe not? I keep finding old stuff to use.
  2. A 'Quickie' from Vince's Gila III ... Run away! Run away!
  3. Due to inactivity application closed. Feel free to re-apply in future if/when you have time to commit. All the best
  4. A 'Quickie' from Red's Adzmin Haft II ... sometimes I don't know what to write here; this is one of those times.
  5. Not done a long 'Ops' one for a bit, is there the taste for them? This from Woodsy's Shadowstrike III ... the cool kids prefer to walk.
  6. A 'Quickie' from Minty's Viggen II ... loneliness of command and all that
  7. A 'Quickie' from Vince's Gecko III ... more high jinks
  8. A 'Quickie' from Ben's Desert Siege I ... demonstration of air power acting as a farce multiplier
  9. A 'Quickie' from Cunners' Eagles Summit II ... the M25 was bleedin' murder gettin' 'ere, so where do you want it droppin' guv'nor? (voices from yesteryear)
  10. Thanks for the application, we'll review it and get back to you shortly.
  11. A 'Quickie' from Minty's Viggen III ... straight up the middle.
  12. A 'Quickie' from Ben's Northern Sword I ... when thrust becomes shove
  13. Another 'Quickie' dredged up from Outlaw's Hussar V ... Teasel wants to play for a change, with predictable results for the rest of us
  14. Resorting to trawling through my unused backfile of op recordings for vid content (given my GFX card when 'phoot!' and its temporary replacement is only capable of capturing slideshow footage)... So here's a 'Quickie' from Vince's Monitor I ... Fighting and Agriculture? How hard can it be?
  15. A 'Quickie' from Outlaw's Hussar IV ... 'Rules are for the obedience of fools and the guidance of wise men'
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