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  1. A 'Quickie' from Minty's Vigil III ... it'll be fine TM
  2. A 'Quickie' from MInty's Vermont II ... It seems cruel that after protecting the POWs from Frichael that...
  3. A 'Quickie' from Thomsprey's Warrior II ... full? empty? your call.
  4. A 'Quickie' from Imperial Penguin's Vigil II ... 3 Platoon volunteer on the wildlife reservation, removing some invasive non-indigenous species.
  5. Cameron, thanks for your application. We'll review it and get back to you soon.
  6. A 'Quickie' from Parsons' Chirivias II ... pew pew, pew pew!
  7. A 'Quickie' from Thomsprey's Ajax II ... old man things, aka 'we all do it' TM VCB.
  8. A 'Quickie' from Minty's Vacant Tangfastic IV ... one of those continuous takes, just like a proper classic movie.
  9. A 'Quickie' from Parsons' Chirivias II ... up front and getting a nosebleed. [Earlier copy accidentally deleted on YT because of old man things].
  10. A 'Quickie' from Parsons' MakeItWork I... this is outrageous, I'm on holiday.
  11. A 'Quickie' from Thomsprey's Ajax IV... VCB & Boats, it's an oil & water thing
  12. A 'Quickie' from Parsons' MakeItWork IV where 3 Platoon finds itself at the bottom of the food chain again
  13. Thanks for letting us know. Good luck.
  14. Ooo's a big boy den? Ooo's a big boy now? Dat's right, you are, wot a good boy... So how many of these do you remember?
  15. An expensive little gift on Christmas Eve (from Parsons' MakeItWork II) just to keep you going until the New Year blockbuster...
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