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  1. A 'Quickie' from Outlaw's Hussar III... phoot - pause - Boooom!
  2. I'm pleased to say your application has been accepted. A senior rifleman will contact you shortly to help you through the rest of the process. Welcome and all that.
  3. A 'Quickie' from Ben's Dagger Strike III... a Wallace Arnold coach-tour trip to the local vineyard
  4. A 'Quickie' from Outlaw's Hussar II... now this takes me back
  5. A 'Quickie' from Outlaw's Hussar I... Warriors come out to play (Reprise)
  6. A 'Quickie' from Vince's Komodo II... a perplexing problem promptly peaks
  7. Not done a longer 'Ops' vid for a while, this from Minty's Vagrant V... withdraw to contact and all that.
  8. A 'Quickie' from Outlaw's Borealis VII... pfff what cowboy did all this then?
  9. A 'Quickie' from Red's Adzmin Haft III... let's dance the New Year in.
  10. A 'Quickie' from Vince's Monitor IV... an example of somehow missing barn doors.
  11. A 'Quickie' from Vince's Monitor III... a change of pace with slow and steady wins the race
  12. A 'Quickie' from Outlaw's Borealis VI... the one where Charles fiddles with other features of his primary weapon
  13. A 'Quickie' from Outlaw's Borealis V... there seems to be something wrong with our bloody guns today.
  14. A 'Quickie' from Matt's Tangerine II... just another typical trek through t' town & trees. Thumbnail shows that split second in time when Hallberg has a 'JFK moment'
  15. A 'Quickie' from Red's Adzmin Haft VI... just another quiet day in Afghanistan
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