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  1. It really isn't. Helis at low level are vulnerable to getting shot down. Shit happens. I never said they weren't Red? I just know that we don't use the supports as much so players may not be used to them as much. All I am doing is giving a few helping points from my experience that help, such as the hotkey 'x' so you don't have to scroll for Autohover.
  2. Reference where you were shot down, if you're using Arma 3 controls it's 'x' to go out of Auto-hover instead of using the scroll menu. Also in a situation like like, I would let the Co-pilot fire of the mayday message as the pilot needs to focus on landing. You unfortunately hovered there for too long half firing off that mayday message & half scrolling. I know these are fairly new things in VCB flying n' all, but worth practicing emergency landings & all the hotkeys so you can react in situations like these.
  3. I was made aware that not all of you actually have facebook. So, I have gone ahead and made a collection of pictures of so items I sell to give you an idea. If you can't see the item you're looking for you can give me a shout & I will look for you. If you're interested, call out to me via Email. :-) Images: http://imgur.com/a/DyoXM
  4. Been trying to find the right way to approach them about it, but don't worry I have that in mind. Thanks for the suggestion though!
  5. Hey there Ladies & Gents. So it was made aware to me that many of you may be interested in purchasing Military grade gear for yourselves since a lot of you play airsoft. I have just recently set up my own business & are selling high quality products & beating any other price out there on the same product. So, I thought I would see what ya'll think! If you're interested give my Facebook page a message, or email me at kieranoneill34@gmail.com. (I have asked Friz if this was okay, & he was fine about it. :-)) Page: https://www.facebook.com/eastyorkshirecadetkitbeverley
  6. Whilst waiting on the forums these past few days to hear about my recruitment, I have come to start to look through these pictures, and also the videos on YouTube and I must say it looks amazing! I can't wait to get an opportunity to play with you all! Also, I was wondering if there was any more recent videos of your operations? As I have been keeping up to date with BAD FRAG!'s videos and they only seem to be the most up to date unfortunately from what I can find. (P.S. I might steal some of these pictures to use a background for my desktop! lol)
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