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  1. Someone post up them mass casualty photos they were awesome
  2. Hey VCB, how's it been? On my journey to Missouri and back over break I "read" most of a couple of books on the road in audio form, and wanted to share Level Zero Heroes with y'all. http://www.levelzeroheroes.com/ Written by a JTAC rolling with a MARSOC team in Afghanistan, he tells some pretty crazy stories about shooting Taliban and partying at dead hooker burial sites in full kit. Was also cool reading a personal perspective of JTAC things after learning about shit from Mav, especially reading the perspective of the dude on the ground after getting taught by the guy in the sky. He moans about ROE an annoying amount, but I guess that's to be expected when you have the full fury of air power at your fingertips and hardly get to use it because of some ninny civilians that may get dismembered. Also, even while he tries not to be a dick about it there's the expected MARSOC "hurr everyone but us is dumb and sucks", although these other dudes did totally call in an A-10 gun run on themselves which killed multiple people... I would definitely not recommend getting the audiobook from Audible like I did, the dude who reads it has his annoying husky "I'm gonna read everything like an action movie preview voice and annoyingly mispronounce military terms and acronyms while I'm doing it" voice. Side note on my personal life, it seems I made a good decision going ahead and bowing out when I did; there has been a grand total of one time where I feasibly could have attended an op and even then I didn't know ahead of time because my wife stayed much later than expected at work. Hopefully I can catch you guys some time or another.
  3. Steele

    Amusing Things.

    inb4 nobody laughs at the picture so anthony mansplains it to everyone as if he knows everything about marxists
  4. 6/10 American, not enough shaking and yelling
  5. Steele

    Amusing Things.

    That subreddit is a gold mine. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0is47cRGjY edit: Submitted by RPofkins. Of course edit2: Jesus fucking shit this entire subreddit is Rasa
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    Need help

    If you're trying to get rid of your Workshop copy of ace, unsubscribe from it in the Workshop or else Steam will just keep redownloading it. How are you launching your game? If you're using the vanilla launcher, you can just set a preset and take care to select the proper version of ace. I have 3+ copies of ace and other mods on my machine for various reasons and I do fine by taking care to make sure I'm launching the relevant one.
  7. Can attest a personal recommendation for the G502. Comfy, just enough extra buttons without being MUH GAMIN MOUSE L-E-DEEEEEZ, customizable weight, and an unlockable scroll wheel that can be spun up to jet turbine speeds when you spray an air duster on it. I can't really vouch for the macro abilities in depth, but there is a capability for it in the software, used it once for some shit clicking game. Also you can turn the lights off if you like. This is really only compared to Razer equipment which I've fallen out of love with, quality doesn't seem to match the price when compared to Logitech gear. If there's a specific macro function you need to work, PM me on here or Slack and I would be happy to give it a go for you before you pull the trigger to find out shit's broke in Arma or something.
  8. Wow Antny, those shots look really good. The lighting and crispness are excellent, what are your AA and sharpen filter settings at?
  9. Those are some amazing images cunners.
  10. If you want to go cheap and simple without sacrificing quality, I have a mechanical Rosewill (Newegg brand, not even sure if you can get that in the UK) and the switches are Cherry switches just like you would get in a more expensive keyboard, has a nice metal base for the keys, good and heavy with a sturdy feel. Had it for like 4 years and still types like the day I bought it.
  11. A reminder from adz to not dick around instead of checking your arcs.
  12. I have to finish some college stuff and go to work, so just dropping the imgur album now, I'll parse it for the good ones later. http://imgur.com/a/J0XoV
  13. Have to shoot to go meet the wife, but wanted to upload my screenshots real quick. Album here: http://imgur.com/a/dmreU Hopefully somebody got some higher quality shots than me.
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