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  1. Happens to me and i run AMD (R9 Fury X) only happens when i run two clients at once for mission editing, appears to be caused by running out of VRAM.
  2. Laird

    Goodbye From Cobb

    Hopefully we'll see you back sometime, have a good one mate!!
  3. Last time I upgrade I went from an AMD fx8320 + gtx 770 4gb. The 770 paired with my new 6600k CPU made a massive difference in frames on arma, to the point it started to thermal throttle until I replaced the thermal compound in the GPU.
  4. Having had some unfortunate connection issues tonight (Karoo please) I did mange something vaguely productive... "May I present to you... Bis Please"
  5. My OBS is still playing up so afraid not.
  6. Well it's been and gone, I've been in VCB for over a year… so i don’t want to ramble on for too long I'm sure after a year of me you’re all already sick of me ;). Firstly i want to thank all of you guys (and girl) it's been a hell of a run so far which i can’t wait to continue, I'm undoubtedly glad to be here. Form my first mission, fragging half of 1 section, to my most recent, it's been awesome fun, proper realism, few bollocks. Secondly thanks to the NCO’s and HQ, without you lot, VCB would be even more of a wretched hive of scum and villainy; Along with the mission makers you keep VCB together and don’t get enough credit for the hours you put in. You're the God darn finest men out their! And thirdly the community as a whole, whether you’re an active member, reservist or just within the community you're all the reason VCB exists and you're all passionate about what what we do! And that's just amazing, without a doubt it’s why I'm still here, and i suspect the same for many of you. Looking forward to the next year... http://imgur.com/a/QT3FL
  7. Gravity certainly got a bit feisty with that IC
  8. Did Cheryl role his light cycle?
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