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  1. Netflix- the expanse massively enjoying this. think firefly but a little more serious. In the future, mankind is split between those on earth, those on mars, and those in between 'the belters' who occupy a string of space stations (big enough to hold hunderds or more in most cases), and asteroid colonies/mines owned either privately, or by the earth or mars governments. story follows a police detective on one station, and 5 crew members whom survived a mining ship destruction that seems to be caught up in some subterfuge and plot/ conspiracy. basically, political/military tensions between earth and mars, there are blooming political activists groups growing among the belters, and some terrorist factions, sort of IRA-ish in a way, vying for Independence The sci fi behind it is really enjoyable, ships pull hard g force's and take days to complete some manouvres, people can survive brief void exposure, those born/ living on asteroids and cheap stations without much gravity are taller and longer limbed with brittle bones. also, as i ve writing this, the guy who voices Adam jensen from deus ex has just appeared as a character so theres that.
  2. class film. Monsters Dark sector- availabvle on netflix. the premise sounds like a £2 straight to the bargain bin kind of film, but its not. Trailer- Full film- https://youtu.be/1HOSXS-jaFk not long after the present, a deep space probe sent to search for life in the solar system crashes in the middle east on its return. was carrying some sort of bacteria thing tha rapidly evolves into alien life forms. team of us troops has a shitty time finding lost troops out in the desert, lots of stress/psychological stuff, amazing camera work and environments. aliens arent cheesy and its barely sci fi. good watch.
  3. Real Life gta5 with trevors voice actor-
  4. my section know, 1 sec knows... meh, allthough cheers anyway
  5. Reference my miss with the NLAW.... i managed to skim the missile under the tank and out the other side into the wall. i feel thats actually more talented than hitting it to be honest....
  6. Id agree for the most part, though it does finally seem as though we are reaching the end, im missing a couple of books but have most of them. The short stories instead of new books are kind of a pain, but at the same time they are really good, and the scope of the story leaves a lot of room for books, short stories and the like, there's just so much to tell. Either way whether you just have a look through a few, or really invest in the series, its well worth it.
  7. The Horus heresy Bloody massive sci fi series published by Black library, owned by games workshop and set in the Warhammer 30/40,000 universe. (10,000 years before the board game stuff for those who care). absolutely stunning series written by a host of authors, one of which has written everything from well known comics, the mister men, alien isolation, doctor who and more. Set in the year 31,000 ish, the human empire reigns almost all of the galaxy ruled by the emperor. some shit goes down with his favored son, and well, galaxy spanning war. the series covers everything from spies and subterfuge, giant naval engagements spanning thousands of kilometers, both mass land battles and special forces stuff, politics, life on and off the front line, he supernatural/occult and a shitload more. if you dont know much about warhammer, id 100% follow the reading order, and i think you can read a small bit of each book for free for those who are interested. http://www.blacklibrary.com/horus-heresy heres some of the book cover art- http://imgur.com/gallery/WwyJW
  8. The lost Battalion- American ww1 film. 2001. not half bad.
  9. Thought id give Ghost a try. quite like them, even if the singer for this album (changed singers each album) looks about 5 years old, or like a face painted monkey.
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