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  1. Interesting perspective there, Charles! That was a stinking situation to try and recover a casualty, never mind eight of you! And Chrisakky, don't think your lack of faith didn't go un-noticed there!
  2. And that's why we don't do anything after last light in the jungle.
  3. Now there's a book I've not read in a long time. Long time. Not as long as you, admittedly, but I'm glad it stands the test of time.
  4. Deuxmad! Yooouuu sonofabitch!
  5. Hnnnngggg. Excellent photo and use of kit.
  6. The fire and manoeuvre through the first engagement; peeling, breaking down into pairs and individuals, constant comms at Pl. and section level, the use of "stoppage" and actually taking cover when getting a stoppage...
  7. It really isn't. Helis at low level are vulnerable to getting shot down. Shit happens.
  8. The photographic evidence is stacked against you.
  9. Beverly? You can make a killing selling kit to Phase 2 RLC recruits.
  10. It also says 7.62mm when it's a 12.7mm weapon.
  11. Unfortunately hierarchy don't agree. :(
  12. Well after the PW1 Sgt received a debriefing from the Corps RSM about his "hero sleeves" during the L131A1 Glock demo videos I'm sure the bloke in this video will too.
  13. Yet again, not relevant to the thread it was posted in. The whole think looks turbo shit anyway. Like something BIS may have come up with for an A3 DLC.
  14. Don't know what you're on about. #noGoProinVCBops
  15. It's called a Dismounted Close Combat Trainer (DCCT) these days, but it's the same thing.
  16. Topic split because it has nothing to do with photos of British forces in action.
  17. We've used JCOVE (VBS) for years....
  18. Yet you post it in the public part of the forum.
  19. This isn't a discussion about cadets thread; pictures of interesting stuff you've seen lately.
  20. Yeah, thought as much. Saw those engines and got slightly moist for a second. Sweet pics dude.
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