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  1. Hello, I'll be your Senior Rifleman and guide you on your VCB journey. I've sent you a PM, if you have a read of that and let me know if you've got any questions!
  2. Info should be with you now!
  3. Hi Grant. I'm your Senior Rifleman (SR) and will be your first point of contact within VCB. I've sent you a PM with the next steps.
  4. The best part - 0329 BUCKLEY, alongside sub, gives hard right rudder, rides up on forecastle of sub and stays there. Men begin swarming out of submarine and up on BUCKLEY's forecastle. Machine gun, tommy gun, and rifle fire knocks off several. Ammunition expended at this time included several general mess coffee cups which were on hand at ready gun station. Two of the enemy were hit in the head with these. Empty shell cases were also used by crew of 3" gun #2 to repel boarders. 3" guns could not bear. BUCKLEY suffers only casualty of engagement when man bruises fist knocking one of enemy over the side. Several men, apparently dead, could be seen hanging over the side of the sub's bridge at this time. The boatswain's mate in charge of forward ammunition party kills a man, attempting to board, with .45 pistol. Man falls back over side. Midships repair party equipped with rifles mans life lines and picks off several men on deck of submarine. Chief Fire Controlman uses Tommy gun from bridge with excellent results.
  5. Fuck up you squareheaded fucker or I'll shit in your mouth <3
  6. Hacksaw Ridge - One of the best films I've seen in a while
  7. Ghost are great, they even have Adz Hammers.
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