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  1. Alright dude. I've sent you a PM on the forum. Please go over these instructions. If you have questions, the best option is to PM me directly via Discord. Let me know if you have any issues.
  2. Hello Young and sorry for the late reply. I will be your Senior Rifleman. By now you have received a PM with further instructions. Please read these carefully and contact me if you have any questions. There will be a P1 on Friday. If you're free then, we can schedule in your introduction as well.
  3. Hi Mack/Septimus, I will be your Senior Rifleman. You should have received a private message with instructions for further steps within VCB. Please read them carefully and let me know if you have any questions. Also, feel free to join our Discord if you haven't already and write me for much faster responses. Cheers
  4. Outlaw

    Bam's Application

    4th op done, ready for posting
  5. Outlaw

    Bam's Application

    3rd op done last sunday
  6. Sorry dude, the forum is a bit inactive as most chatter goes on Discord as you've probably seen. Mav is still here, although the rest must've been gone for a good while.
  7. 4th op done. Ready for posting.
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