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  1. I gained very few FPS going to a 1080 (MP). However, I am now able to render the game at 200% and get the same FPS!
  2. Pffft, just get the 1080. Or 1080 TI...
  3. I had a dream that Rasa was the chair of the professional interview I'm having today. VCB is so weird.
  4. More likely to grab their attention on slack and everyone has access to #fitness!
  5. I would throw this out in #fitness in slack mate. Mav/thRedders/Morts will be all over it.
  6. tZEROm

    Comp rebuild

    Definitely start the RMA process mate, will be without a PC for a few but don't want something that's fucked. Plus you can do more #phys that way.
  7. Interesting link Rasa. Most of the utility companies in his top 50 companies are a bit dubious (save the water lot)... I very seriously doubt UKPN and MLP have such huge holdings, I feel like he might be counting the rights over land they hold which do not equate to freehold title. Edit: Seeing the information was sourced from a FOI request, this is almost certain. Equally a lot of the historic estates will be having their Manorial rights counted in the acreage and not just the freehold title. There's also a serious amount of guffy opinon on some of his posts, claiming the land registry isn't open and that grouse moors seriously damage ecosystems. Without said moors there would be woodland of incredibly low biodiversity!
  8. Good luck in the future, kid. Super gay.
  9. Had a random dream, slightly dystopian future. The bit I really remember is getting Telfer arrested for being a pedo, rather funny. Was taken away by a robot and a flying police car. Not sure if Scot was driving, soz.
  10. Jonny's confirmed kill from last OP. Mic not working with Shadowplay.
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