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  1. Ahoy, I just booted up A3 on a PC that could actually run it for the first time last night and after 5 minutes of bumbling around like it was one of the filthy Console games to which I have become accustomed I got into a contact and...a lot of memories and feelings came rushing back (not all Video game related). What's up? What mods might someone with an ArmA relapse look into downloading these days? And who is 'Still alive!' in these crusty halls? Oh...and now I see its all about the Discord...{crumbles back into dust}
  2. Does anyone rate these? Currently have an Asus Transformer which served me well throughout my masters year but the keyboard ist dod both as an interface and a backup battery so I now basically have a tablet...have my gaming desktop and a linux laptop with a dying battery which has become a permanently plugged in control point for the printer in my home office and an old netbook which works pretty well apart from needing some skilled fiddling with a phase tester to power it up. So in short, I've no basic portable typey thing. Was looking at the €200ish Chromebooks as a way to be able to bring something with a keyboard around travelling again, and the short boot time is appealing too. Something that could occassionally interface w. a USB dvd drive might be useful too as we use CCTV and investigator footage in work which can't leave the office and have no non networked PC that we can install 3rd party players on. (Engrish IT departments are the [sarcasm] best [/sarcasm]. Are Chromebooks reliable/stable? Worth the investment. And if so, what should I be looking out for specwise? As in what sort of hardware will the limited operating range get the best out of?
  3. Imshi-Yallah


    Au contraire mon amis. BIS have already started not finishing ArmA4 for release. :P
  4. Go easy on Hovis. He probably could have passed the L.I.C.C. #obscure
  5. Their needs to be a film non recommendations thread where I can talk about the shitty Craig Fairbrass joint I watched last night I just had it on while I was doing circuits yet I still somehow feel robbed.
  6. http://waterfordwhispersnews.com/2014/05/27/star-wars-imperial-march-constantly-playing-in-gerry-adamss-head/
  7. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/man-shoots-himself-in-the-head-and-dies-while-demonstrating-gun-safety-9153098.html 15 years of working with loaded pistols and never once have I thought of pointing one at my head...'muricans.
  8. There are also guys here in the regular Army here (and the reserve) who would fail the Army Annual fitness test tomorrow despite being very fit by other measures. Army fitness tests aim to test a sort of generalised cover all the bases fitness based on relatively fast running and specific Local Muscular Endurance standards. For instance, I'm shit at press ups and have to specifically train stay able to do them, whereas I have a couple of short arsed friends who can literally sit on their arses for months on end, but still bang out a great press up score. I wouldn't be super keen on doing my annual tests tomorrow, but I'm currently swinging a kettlebell twice a week, doing some gucci body res stuff and running trail (which isn't good prep for doing 2 fast miles on concrete but is a lot more fun). If 20% of guys had to go to fat camp because they failed the BMI/Body Fat composition test and were too fat to even attempt the tests, then you might have a problem worth talking about.
  9. I'd really like to know who stated they were afraid. Is that failed for the year, or sent for fat camp and passed later on in the year? What about blokes who failed on the day due to illness or injury?
  10. Whitest Kids U' Know - Grapist Bwaaaaahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahaahhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
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