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  1. I had this dream recently I was soundly asleep but then got woken to the noise of Parsons screaming "JIMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAY" then woke up for real, in a hot sticky sheets......
  2. We use VBS 2 to simulate air defence - sucks and takes two hours to load...
  3. So the torys are looking to be back in power, 14 seats left to go looking very much like a con majority.. Not much of a surprise.. but up in Scotland. Never did I expect such a beating for Labour.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h4biL1Act6I
  4. From suggested articles... http://rt.com/news/242097-pak-ta-russian-army/ Cant see this ever happening, plus it will just get shot down if they do try anything like that on...
  5. Hatchy

    Amusing Things.

    i can, I just choose not to sometimes because I feel its offensive to non-capital letters to say that only they can be first. 10/10
  6. voteforpolicies.org.uk is a good site, you read policy's with out knowing who is behind them (its pretty easy to spot the UKIP ones tbh) and at the end it shows what party you liked them most
  7. Hatchy

    Amusing Things.

  8. While I agree it's not cricket to go around punching producers when you cant get your own way, the producer really should of known better, when your dealing with big personality's you do everything in your power to keep them happy. he should of bunged a couple of notes the chef's way to get him to wait up for them. Latest rumor mill is saying Netflix is going to pick the three of them up and build a show around them. BBC should just sell the rights to topgear now while it still has value.
  9. Friz - dont pay for windows 7 https://profile.microsoft.com/RegSysProfileCenter/wizard.aspx?wizid=05ada55f-c391-4247-ab2e-459b0feceaff trial version of enterprise Then use "Daz's windows 7 loader" from my digital life forums. this will slip a VLK activation code into windows 7 and it will be free for life. just make sure you disable windows update KB971033 as this detects the activation.
  10. Hatchy

    Amusing Things.

    You Got Trolled Gang Bang Edition from the same people
  11. Hatchy

    Amusing Things.

  12. I hope this applies for people with no money ;(
  13. "LOL ISIS we are planning 2 attack u. be ready"
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