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    Amusing Things.

  2. Woke up, two words appeared in front of my inner eye: "singer" and "minecraft tactical vest". The latter I cannot really imagine, how it's looking like or what it's for.
  3. Rasa - I didn't know you were also singing! ;D
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZFXmP8iF-k&ebc=ANyPxKrEFGkELGqO703udI_D6IIiig6qVOqzMe9-3FBnguP5_JkKXc36iGDPmSnhPHVAXGexZVlklKwg0GvxWMVcBHLnZX0FRg You're an "interesting" thing. More like "special person" tho. O yea, this has some nice Vietnam footage also from soldier's private cameras.
  5. Elite

    Amusing Things.

  6. Elite

    Amusing Things.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DaAlsLQ9rH4 Sick fuckin' world. Even Nazis being discriminated today.
  7. Elite

    Amusing Things.

  8. Awesome footage... :) Thanks for vids + pics.
  9. Sweet. Long Dong fully erected. Who's the handsome guy on the right? 8)
  10. Fuck euthanasia, this is good music. 8)
  11. Elite

    Amusing Things.

    I will either King or be a Dai.
  12. Awesome footage.. Haha, diggin' the stressed commenting while getting shot at. Only thing I'm wondering are the static machineguns. In the mission editor I could kill them with one round, but last mission I also used like 10 rounds on the dude and he wouldn't die.
  13. Cool shot mate! Anyone has some pictures of the fighting or dead russkis? PM me (or just post them here), and I can use them for a "NEWS" update inside of the campaign thread. Cheers chaps :D
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