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  1. Elite

    Amusing Things.

    Look at who posts in that sub. I see. I like that Midichlorians are Heroine.
  2. Elite

    Amusing Things.

    Result of a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 being smashed on the ground?
  3. Elite

    Amusing Things.

    Mine are hand picked brah! Fu'' Reddit commerce ;)
  4. Not a movie, but fucking epic. Loved it.. Unfortunately just one season, but watch it.. Love the gloomy feeling of it. AND the intro kicks ass
  5. Hawkings has the gimpie really nicely humped between his thighs. Hawt Btw: Vince n1, laughing my ass off, close to dying
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AleOba3y82g
  7. Old but gold. Never gets old. I want to pee on yous.
  8. Fuck yea, you've got it filmed.. I was fucking wondering how that happened... ;D ;D
  9. Do they need bad German accent? "Franz, we need to to se Ostfront NOW!"
  10. Nice Charles !! Great footage as always.. Really good job mate .. Do you have that pic of me in the sun, looking cool as hell? Um.. Btw.. "Which one is your favourite?" and such questions would be perfect for our Social Media accounts. Interaction+++ Also try to use Likealyzer.. [@AdZ] It's a free tool to analyze your FB-page and give you hints on what to improve.
  11. Don't use the radar! Don't do it. Nice screenies tho.. But dat landing was hot.
  12. Bilder hochladen Anthony growing an antenna.
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GenlDkfC6wM
  14. Fucking epic footage... Wish I've been there. FIRE SUPPORT !!!
  15. Beautiful landscape AdZ, cool.. Better than Franconia's flatlands ;D
  16. You joked around with a black policeman. All the time shouting "Shoot me, shoot me!" and laughing. ??? Subconscious - I love you.
  17. Holy s... Weirdest dream.. VCB Meet-up in some German castle. Everyone went drunk, it was just friggin' amazing. Friz got arrested though, so a lot of you nearly missed the flight back home.. But in the end somehow it all went well.. Now off for my final exams. ;D
  18. I dreamt of me and Dai in the mission editor. Dai always saying something like "Don't forget the weather clouds mate." Like some spawn cloud point, where you could spawn in rain and stuff... Weird... And can't remember more.
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