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  1. I like our German highways when there's no speed limit. Comes in handy for example if you're late for a VOLCBAT mission. ::)
  2. God, I loved the camping fire in the valley. So romantic. :-*
  3. "In the Valley of Elah" I saw recently again. Think quite good movie.
  4. Great footage of the "attacking from the rear"-training. Loved the instructions and how he was saying all the stuff. And yeah, shotgun looks also nice. But I guess only useful close quarter. So maybe a assault rifle is bit more flexible. ;D But nice video!
  5. Elite

    Amusing Things.

    Well, at first glance she looked busy. That's fair enough. ;)
  6. Elite

    Amusing Things.

    I guess they were mistaking. These weren't the names of the pilots, more the last "phrases" they said in the cockpit. :'(
  7. Elite

    Amusing Things.

    ;D ;D ;D I laughed my arse off.
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