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  1. Hey ho dudes chaps,


    finally finished my Bachelor's degree - now up to Master. Whilst waiting for that I'm working at a German technology company... Money has to come from somewhere.

    Well - I want to join back as soon as I can, but right now doing a diving course (inspiration, Friz!), which is mostly Sunday/Wednesday Night. After that's finished, "I'll be back!" - as some Austrian once famously declared.  :)

    Fairly enjoyed having time for partys & friends in the offline world, but at the same time I miss the feeling on VCB OP nights, ambushes (!), creating missions (I have some ideas of glorious charges into death on tricky MG positions covering each other) and training with you guys (GPMG fuck yeah!).

    Just a quick sign that I'm not dead (yet), neither have I joined some extremist right wing party or attempted to murder someone/at least police don't know about it (yet).


    Well - anyways.. How are things in VCB? I hope you're doing extremely well.

    I'll try to get back asap, haven't forgotten about the best ArmA III unit out there.  ;)


    Cu soon  8) & out for now, work's calling  ;D






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