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    Application: Rook

    Hi Rook, Unfortunately, we have decided not to progress with your application. Best of luck in your search for a unit. All the best.
  2. Nothing heard - application closed. Feel free to re-apply in future if/when you have time to commit. All the best
  3. Awesome video and an excellent flashback on the "finer points" in VCB Thanks a lot mate
  4. Nice card but doubt I would have fitting space for the 120mm fan. Bought some more RAM sticks so up to 32Gb now, bought the 1TB Samsung EVO pro SSD (not NvMe) :(, and some air dusters. Will wait for GPU upgrade as not sure if I will secure my bonus by end of this week.
  5. Source: https://www.velocitymicro.com/blog/nvme-vs-m-2-vs-sata-whats-the-difference/ TL/DR - M.2 SSD's are 7x Faster than SATA3 SSD's. Definitely worth getting but at present high in cost. The Samsung 970 EVO Pro I am looking at in a 2TB size to replace my HDD is £499, but there is a free copy of Assassins Creed with it ;) https://www.ebuyer.com/836853-samsung-970-evo-v-nand-m-2-2tb-ssd-ebuyer-mz-v7e2t0bw
  6. Telfer

    Comp rebuild

    and you have not called to return it?
  7. Telfer

    Comp rebuild

    The new Mobo has faulty RAM slots?
  8. suck me off punk Also Patriots day though. Whalberg is a ledge
  9. Telfer

    Hai from Reaper

    Hope you are well mate
  10. Normally I would have, but that Op I was with 3 Section (it was the one with Telfer and his teapots). KETTLES YOU FAGGOT! WATCH THE FUCKING KETTLES MAN! ;)
  11. Telfer

    Need help

    Wallerz who was your SR bud, coz they are obviously a massive bell end if you have not been informed about slack. FML
  12. Telfer

    Need help

    Why fuck about? A3Sync is easier to use than a tap. So use A3sync only and create a modset. Remember what is in that and mirror it if you want shitty SThud or a Clientside Soundmod etc. Piece of fucking piss Jenkins. Also never ever ever ever ever load that shitty steam launcher, just dissasocciate with it altogether. Fucked my repo last week so it is dead to me!
  13. Mav should apply, his voice is brilliant. Or if there is a farmer type alien who is very fat then STC obvs
  14. Yes fantastic series!!!! Also watch: Secrets and Lies The Night Of - FUCKING AMAZING Wayward Pines!
  15. I havent killed a single enemy in my whole time here. I thought we were a peacekeeping force??
  16. very good doctor chris, another well thought up pun. Please give yourself a pat on the back and put +1 into your win points
  17. My kit, as it kept duplicating all in my inventory, LDS and LLM's which was putting me up to 47 kilos rendering me unable to walk. So it was either ditch duplicate things or ditch mortar...hmmm
  18. honestly there are so many sexual inneundos in this thread its insane. I have a proper semi just reading it Just imagine the Fenix is a dildo, then this is free porn...
  19. is this forum post related to sex toys?
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