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  1. Hello, unfortunatley your application has not been succesful. Best of luck in finding a unit.
  2. Thanks for the app, we will review and get back to you.
  3. Hello If you are still interested then please check your PM's as per Thomsprey above. Cheers
  4. Hi Rizzo, nothing heard from you, are you still interested? We will close this app in a few days if nothing heard.
  5. I dreamt I lived with telfer
  6. Will check that out charles. I found this about BRIXMIS which I had never heard of. Very interesting
  7. AdZ

    New PC?

    I am a Pentium man so these AMD CPUs are a bit of a mystery to me, by all means if you want to splash out then go for the 8 core, more cores always better IMO. B450/X570 Different Chipsets, basically the X570 is better. It manages all the flow of data in the motherboard. If you have a shit Chipset with a good CPU you may not get the performance you expect. The B450 boards appear to show up in budget builds with R5 2400G CPUs. And an older one may not even utilise the CPU properly, I recall I had to make sure I got a specific chipset in mines or I would be unable to OC. If you dont plan to OC you should be ok with the stock fan, but personally I prefer having an aftermarket one, you can get cheaper ones than i linked which are still better than a lot of the stock ones simply because they at least direct airflow out the case rather into a side of it (like stock ones normally do) which helps keep everything cooler. OC itself, upto you I guess, I like to squeeze that little extra out mines and I have a dedicated air cooling case (I have 3x120mm Fans that blow air from the bottom up, my MOBO is rotated so the 'back' is the top of my case, i.e. warm air flows up.) and a massive CPU cooler to OC and have OC'd my last 3 CPUs and never had a problem. (tbf the first one was a pre-built OC). Its safer than it used to be, usually the MOBOs have software to do it for you and then if you do some stress testing and it passes you should be good.
  8. AdZ

    New PC?

    Yup, you would need MOBO+CPU+RAM to upgrade that I wouldn't try to keep MOBO you have, DDR3 is pretty dead these days. The rest of it should be fine to keep on the new stuff (HDD/SSD, PSU GPU). Just those 3 need updating in. I believe the AMD processors are the shit right now, but I dont know much about them, a quick gander at logical increments points to Ryzen 5 3600x for CPU ASUS Prime X570-P for MOBO DDR4 16GB for RAM and optionally a Noctua cooler I have a big one of these and they are excellent quality. Not sure on your budget but thats a decent system if you ask me. As you say that GPU should be ok for a bit and RAM, I think over 16GB is a bit of a push right now. I upgraded as part of my birthday the missus let me go a bit nuts with it! So upgraded to get a better system much like you are, the i5 was pretty good I ran it at 4.2GHz OC iirc the whole time I had it.
  9. Quiet you, just a reminder that topic exists.
  10. I cant watch it just yet, but if its that bad should it be in this forum- http://www.volcbat.com/forum/index.php?topic=7636.0
  11. MSI Sea Hawk RTX 2080 £150 off, now £789.99. AIO Water cooled version. Plus BF:V and a $20 steam voucher.
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