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  1. eventful night for 32's armoured Uber
  2. Watched hitman's bodyguard last night. its a alightly terrible film with some absolutely amazing action sequences in it. well worth watching just for the insane street scenes, fights and car chases. maybe the best action stuff i have seen in a film since i realised that Arnie films are actually not that good.
  3. Ahh coool. some apache ground action. Those tracers look epic in that morning light. interesting that you got footage of Mav's end of how that works.
  4. American allyness And the shortest Chinook flight in Arma history
  5. odd, surprised you couldnt hear the shots even tho down. i was above you. also the radio traffic of me screaming 'contact' etc.
  6. ahhhh i remember that one well. you edited out the bits where i heroically defended the Alamo against waves of suicide bombers and gunmen while HQ patched you up. i used most of my gpmg ammo in about 10 minutes. it was epic. and then i had to do it all again at mini alamo! I mean, it would have been an audio only battle but still.
  7. UGLY 3-1 returning to the carrier for re-arming after 2 CAS strikes in the first phase of OP Prolapse 2
  8. Just got woken up by what must have been all the helicopters in they royal navy flying over my parents house. They were doing laps around this. HMS Queen Elizabeth arriving in Portsmouth. https://imgur.com/gallery/eUnmX
  9. Aww sad you didn't see us diving down on its tail, spraying it with 30mm. which, wasn't very effective but its all we had and it looked cool as fuck.
  10. VCB Team photo for the end of Op Altissimo
  11. Ranger

    Comp rebuild

    looks v similar to my card and cooler.
  12. Cool, I've put it in the competition thread! I'm well pleased someone spotted the smiley face I shot into that target in the training house, I was hoping it would be noticed. As you can see from the video, it was a super night for 3 sec all round. That burning building was someone set off an incendiary grenade, and someone ended up on fire. #3secthings. The bit of you going to rook was revealing too. starting to regret the theme, all the dirty laundry is going to come out! 5/7 for speshul moments. 1 month before the deadline and you used a clip from my school promotional video too. good man.
  13. Igel, its spring and its time for you to return to VCB. everyone else has.
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