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KodoKunas Recruitment

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In Game Nickname: KodoKuna

Steam Profile Id:76561199134233032

Discord Name: Kodokuna

Real Name: Riley Smith

Date of Birth: 05/03/2000

Country & Nationality: Britain



Current/Previous Squads: none

Reasons for applying to VCB: love milsims thought id give arma a go

Heard about VCB from: internet

Experience with the OFP/ArmA series: none

Real life military experience:  (cadets/airsoft does not count)

About the applicant: Im a man with alot of experience in console milsims i played multiple thousonds of hours on dayz in milsims and multiple hundreds of hours on battle feild and gta milsims i really enjoy the scout sniper role as it fits my playstyle but i also like to be the front man/entryman


VCB Policies

The applicant agrees that they:

    [Y ] Is able to attend 50% or more mission nights in a month (i.e. at least 4)

    [Y ] Has read the VCB Information Pack

    [Y ] Owns a legitimate and working copy of ArmA3 & Apex

    [ Y] Is at least 18 years of age

    [Y ] Owns a working microphone and both speaks and understands English

    [ Y] Will never bring the VOLCBAT name into disrepute on any public forums while a member

    [Y ] Will never discuss or share any ArmA addons we are currently beta testing

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Thanks for the app, we will review and get back to you.

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Hello, unfortunatley your application has not been succesful.


Best of luck in finding a unit.

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