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22/11 - VOLCBAT Comms

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We're making a couple of changes to the communications tools we use.  Firstly, we're switching to Discord and closing the Slack account.  In many ways Discord is very similar but there are some key features that are oriented towards gaming and community management.  It is also the ArmA3 chat app of choice and will help bring us closer to the community, something that is increasingly important if we are to maintain a healthy membership as the game gets older.


There are two key difference you'll note when joining Discord. Firstly, there are voice channels that can be used for idle natter or playing other games.  Both VCB Private and Public Teamspeak are still available and TS remains the primary voice app for VCB ops.


Secondly, there is a VCB Public channel.  This has an open invite that is included in all our marketing material and we actively encourage everyone to engage with non-VCB members here.  This includes former members and any friends you want to play games with.  Feel free to share the link.


The forum continues to be the location to find important announcements, instructions and information and you should check back regularly.  Discord, like Slack, is just a chat app.


Joining Discord

To join VCB Discord simply click the link below.  An NCO will grant you the necessary roles to see the private member only channels.  Discord works in a web browser or you can download a desktop client.  I'll leave Slack running for a few days in case anyone missed the memo.



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