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DTG: 0730Z15JAN20


Location: HMS Manchester (LHD) - held off the east coast of Bornholm
Weather: Light fog to clear up then clear throughout
First Light: 0800Z

Ground: Bornholm is a Danish island located east of the mainland. The island is predominantly flat with large open fields and a few dense forests. The bigger towns are located on the coast with smaller villages connecting the centre.


Enemy: After Russian intervention in eastern Europe there has been rising tension in and around the Scandinavian countries as well. There are certain groups which are increasing their voices on social media.

Increasingly belligerent factions on the island of Bornholm have banded together, under the believed guidance of Spetsnaz special forces troops acting as liaison, and have secured the island and declared a "secession from mainland Denmark".

These forces are mostly irregular infantry but there has been sighting of at least one ex-Russian BTR70 somehow smuggled to the island as the situation deteriorated. They are equipped with ex-WARPACT light arms and a handful of Danish Military weapons.

The Spetsnaz group has only been identified but are carrying modified AK-74Ms for their role in Bornholm.

Friendly: Due to the agreement made with Denmark and the then-Soviet Union, Danish troops stationed on Bornholm are few and far between. They had been conducting peacekeeping and policing duties on the island but are believe to have been rendered combat ineffective when the positions around Nexoe were taken by armed and unarmed combatants.

A Coy, 1 VCB is currently deployed aboard the HMS Manchester, preparing to deploy via ORC to the area of Nexoe to pave the way for further landings. There is a threat that Russia may enter the conflict on the side of the secessionists.

Civilian: The civilian population seems to have left Nexoe in fear of conflict. But the infrastructure is not to be damaged as that would harm the image of a peacekeeping NATO and British forces within.

RAID. 3 Pl are deployed ahead of the main body of A Coy to the area surrounding Nexoe to raid targets identified by ISTAR. These targets are marked on the map.
Further intel about those will be given during the O Group.

3 Pl should also attempt to apprehend the Russian Spetsnaz group if possible who are operating illegally under international law.

Service and Support: None