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OP ORD: Op Ymer
« on: January 12, 2020, 06:23:17 PM »
DTG: 0400ZMAY20


Location: Almegaard Barracks, Bornholm, Denmark
Weather: Light fog to clear up then clear throughout
First Light: 0415Z

Ground: Bornholm is a Danish island located east of the mainland. The island is predominantly flat with large open fields and a few dense forests. The bigger towns are located on the coast with smaller villages connecting the centre.


Enemy: After Russian intervention in eastern Europe there has been rising tension in and around the Scandinavian countries as well. There are certain groups which are increasing their voices on social media.
Danish intelligence show that a few groups have also started to show a more active role and have been getting a growing support from Eastern counterparts. One of these groups call them self’s NAPA (The National Party) and have been seen in the western part of Bornholm. Surveillance show Russian shipping going to the port of Hasle, assumed to be carrying military supplies.
NAPA have also been spotted with Russian transport vehicles to the south of Hasle in the decommissioned Muleby factory.

Friendly: Because of Danish military cuts, the strength has been reduced and most of the Danish military force are tied to standing missions in the middle east. They are therefore not able to uphold a standing force on the island of Bornholm. The Danish national guard have been tasked to hold the most strategic military positions but are too few and inexperienced to conduct patrols on the island.

VCB1 A Coy have been landed on the island to support the Danish forces conducting patrol missions on the Island as a show of force.
3 PL have been stationed in the Almegaard Barracks grid: 015 903.

Civilian: The civilian population seems to have left the towns around Hasle in fear of conflict. But the infrastructure is not to be damaged as that would harm the image of a peacekeeping NATO and British forces within.

Secure: 3 PL are to conduct patrols from Almgaard up North through Muleby factory and continue up to Hasle Hospital. As there is no standing conflict with NAPA yet, ROE stands at only fire in self defence until their intent is known. Any Military assets in the hands of NAPA are to be destroyed as ordered by the Danish government.

Service and Support: None