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OP ORD: Op Insipience
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DTG: 060630ZJUN20

FL0630. Clear, visibility 5-7KM.
AO is predominantly thick jungle with clearings opening to large built up areas. Ground begins to rise
from sea level up to peaks at ~180m approximately 1000m in land. Saint-George Airstrip is in a valley
approximately 2000m long and 1500m wide thick jungle on two sides, North and East, a river to the
South and the town of Saint George to the West.

The Island of SAINT-GEORGE is home to a battalion sized force of HIDF mostly concentrated in the
centre. Equipped with predominantly with FAL rifles. Vehicles used are M113 APCs and Humvees,
armed and unarmed variants, approximately 12 of each have been seem on the island.
One company sized force is stationed in the town of HARCOURT, two companies are in and around
the AIRSTRIP with another two companies dispersed around the islands remaining settlements
Three further battalions of HIDF are located on the BALA Island to the west of SAINT-GEORGE, they
lack mass transport so will not be able to reinforce within the operation timeframe.
Friendly Forces:
ORBAT: 3 PL US Marine Rifles + reserves, 1x US Marine Engineer Squad attached

Bn Comd's Intent (2UP):  N/A

Coy Comd Intent & SoM (1UP): The company must secure itís position on the island and prevent the
HIDF from conducting further operations.
2 Pl will remain in CAMP JESTER
3 Pl Will assault the Saint-George AIRSTRIP

Pl Atts & Dets:
Air, N/A
Land, 4x HMG Humvee, 2x GMG Humvee, 2x TOW Humvee, 10x Unarmed Humvee, 3x transport
Sea, 2x SOC Assault boats

ASSAULT, 3 Pl will conduct an assault on the Saint-George AIRSTRIP

Intent:  3 Pl will push through HIDF resistance with the aim of seizing the Saint-George AIRSTRIP
SoM: 3 PL will assault the road bridge at HARCOURT clearing a path for engineers to clear a
ROADBLOCK, 3 PL will then secure the town of HARCOURT to establish a clear beach head. 3 PL will
then proceed inland to destroy the RADIO TOWER, this TOWER must be destroyed by the engineers
before the AIRSTRIP can be assaulted. Once the TOWER is destroyed 3 PL will make its final assault
on the AIRSTRIP, the assault for will have to raise the US flag above the ATC to signal a successful
capture of the AIRSTIP.

Main Effort:
Seize the AIRSTRIP

CAMP JESTER [127071]
HARCOURT [112052]
ROADBLOCK [113054]

AIRSTRIP [116030]
ATC [117029]
BALA [021024]

Boundaries & LOE:  The Island of Saint-George is the only AO for this OP, no units should move into
the centre of the main Tanoan Island or attempt to head out into deep water, the waters around
Tanoa have been heavily mined.
Fires:   N/A

Platoons to be equipped full kit including AT, GPMG and Engineer demolition equipment, ~35kg.
Per aspera ad astra

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Re: OP ORD: Op Insipience
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