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Notes for the OP
« on: September 21, 2019, 11:35:01 PM »
-First person only

-This mission is running on INF medical and gameplay settings. INSTANT DEATH is enabled, Advanced
medical without wound re-opening.

-Fatigue is adjusted to be slightly less severe than base.

-Respawns are to be conducted by the HQ element and used as reinforcements. No more than two
waves at HQs discretion. As per VCB standard.

-No instant death prevention.

-Kits are fully made by the mission creator with re-supply boxes for the reinforcements. Every friendly
ground vehicle is equipped with extra supplies to assist its crew during the operation. There will be
no changes of small arms, what the kits provide is what will be used.
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Location and timings
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Mission hosted on VCB's gameserver:
Teamspeak hosted on Iron Fists server:

Sunday september 29th.
Mission start at 8PM
Mission testing for bods start at 4PM
Gathering for start quarter to 8PM
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