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OP ORD: Op Valiant X
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DTG: 1530ZDEC01


Location: Pl Harbour Area, Katzien, Germany, Grid 181 734
Weather: Overcast
Last Light: 1640Z

Ground: As previous See Ref A


Enemy: After 3 Pl's successful assault on Borg and 2 Pl's follow up assault on Katzien enemy forces have been forced to withdraw towards Rosche in a last ditch attempt to keep Highway 493 open. They still control the outlying utility plants to the north of the town and the town itself but are under constant pressure from friendly forces. Traffic along Highway 493 has increased significantly with reinforcements pouring into the town. This flow of reinforcements has so far manged to blunt frontal assaults on the town from the west by friendly forces.

Combatants will be clothed in Russian summer camouflage combined with standard issue body armour. Weaponry will consist of modern Russian small arms combined with light anti-tank and MANPADS. Enemy APC's and a Pl of T-72's are known to be active in the area of Rosche.

Enemy forces have pre prepared positions in and around the towns and are prepared for defensive operations. In addition they are known to have deployed heavy machine guns to the area to aid in its defence.

Should Highway 493 be cut counter attacks are likely to occur from both east and west as this is the vital supply line for all future enemy operations in the area.
Friendly: After several unsuccessful assaults by 1 Rifles on Rosche due to the influx of enemy reinforcements a new assault plan has been devised. Badger and Cyclops squadrons from RTR have been attached to 1 VCB to provide support for a drive south to cut Highway 493 and stem the flow of reinforcements by claiming the two key bridges in town.   

2 Pl are holding the western flank of the Wipperau while 1 Pl and the Company HQ are located in reserve in Borg.

When bridges platinum and bronze are taken 1 Rifles will launch another assault into the town, planned for 0700Z tomorrow to link up with 1 VCB.
A battery of 19 Royal Artillery Regiment AS90's have moved up to provide support to 1 VCB and have been assigned to 3 Pl along with the Coy mortars.

Intent (2UP): 1 VCB will move south and assault Rosche in order to cut Highway 493.

Intent (1UP): A Coy will secure the utilities works and the bridges in the eastern half of Rosche in order to cut Highway 493.

Civilian: All civilians have been evacuated from the area so should not figure in operations.


Secure: 3 Pl are to secure utilities works (181 723) and Platinum (177 718) and Bronze (177 716) Bridges in order to cut Highway 493

Execution/Concept of Ops:

Execution: To be dictated by 3 Pl OC

Concept of Ops:

Intent: Cut Highway 493

SoM: To be dictated by 3 Pl OC

Coordinating Instructions

Cyclops and Badger Squadrons will advance along the roadways east and west of the utilities works as 3 Pl clear them

3 Pl are to move no further east than the 190 easting and until reaching the town are not to cross the Wipperau. Once inside the town are to move no further west than the 175 easting

Service and Support

Due to the evacuation of civilians all available assets are available for use on civilian structures in the town

1 X Battery of AS90s Callsign Ginger Two Zero
1 X Battery of 81mm Mortars Callsign Iron One One

Command and Signals

As per SOPs