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OP ORD: Op Valiant
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DTG: 0430ZNOV15


Location: Pl Harbour Area, Suttorf, Germany, Grid 139 747
Weather: Light Mist
First Light: 0400Z

Ground: As previous See Ref A


Enemy: Enemy forces from the Russian 1st Guards Tank Army consisting of elements of the 4th Guards Tank Division and 2nd Guards Motor Rifle Division along with supporting arms have been pushed from their defensive positions in the west of the AO. They have withdrawn further east and set up defence in depth along a north south line around Rosche itself. They are holding out in hopes of further armoured support relieving them after initial losses to 1 VCB.

Combatants will be clothed in Russian summer camouflage combined with standard issue body armour. Weaponry will consist of modern Russian small arms combined with light anti-tank and MANPADS.

It is believed a platoon plus of mechanised infantry is in the vicinity of Schwemlitz supported by further infantry in company plus strength holding the towns of Schwemlitz and Bruchwedel. An advanced platoon of enemy infantry hold the crossing of the Wipperrau at Dormte. A further Company strength force holds the Wipperrau crossing and town of Neumuhle. There is also believed to be light enemy air defence in the area comprising a number MANPAD teams supported by limited numbers of truck mounted ZSU's

Enemy forces have pre prepared positions in and around the towns and are prepared for defensive operations. In addition they are known to have deployed heavy machine guns and a mortar platoon to the area to aid in its defence.
Friendly: After their successful initial assault against Russian forces A Coy 1 VCB was withdrawn from the line to recuperate. B Coy along with other friendly forces continued to push east driving the enemy back to Rosche and the banks of the Wipperau. Fully recovered A Coy have been rotated back into the line to take part in the assault on Rosche.

Coy headquarters is located in the town of Stocken along with 1 Pl acting as the company reserve. 2 Pl is forward deployed to the eastern edge of Suttdorf in order to prevent counter attacks from Neumuhle. 3 Pl is located in Suttdorf as the assaulting Pl for the next move. The Coy mortar plt is located to the south west on the outskirts of Suttdorf to support the next move.

No.1 Company 1st Battalion Coldstream Guards is holding to the south and 2 Para to the north. Armoured forces from the RTR are being held in reserve to exploit any gaps created in the upcoming assault.
Helicopter support has been relocated forward to the nearby airbase with wildcats from 847 NAS being deployed to assist A Coy.

Royal Artillery AS90's are moving into the area east of the bridge but are as yet unable to assist.

Intent (2UP): 1 VCB will open up a gap in the enemy defensive line north of Neumuhle in order to allow follow on mechanised forces to surround the enemy in Rosche.

Intent (1UP): A Coy will secure the crossing over the Wipperau at Dormte before securing the towns of Bruchwedel and Schwemlitz in order to secure a road north of Rosche.

Civilian: All civilians have been evacuated from the area so should not figure in operations.


Assault: 3 Pl are to assault from their harbour area and capture the towns of Dormte (grid 146 754), Bruchwedel (grid 158 764) and Schwemlitz (grid 176 761) in order to open a corridor through the enemy defensive line.

Execution/Concept of Ops:

Execution: To be dictated by 3 Pl OC

Concept of Ops:

Intent: Capture the towns of Dormte, Bruchwedel and Schwemlitz

SoM: To be dictated by 3 Pl OC

Coordinating Instructions

3 Pl are to move no closer than 500m to the town of Neumuhle

Service and Support

1 X Battery of 82mm mortars callsign Iron 1-1
1 X Wildcat armed with Hellfires and FFAR's (Player flown at airbase)

Command and Signals

As per SOPs