VOLCBAT - ArmA 3 realism, without the bollocks

ArmA 3 UK milsim is what the Volunteer Commando Battalion is all about.  We are an ArmA 3 milsim unit modeled on a British Army light infantry platoon and we closely emulate contemporary tactics, techniques and procedures.  However, we also understand the difference between working in the real army and having fun playing a computer game.

Formed in 2003, VOLCBAT has been playing coop milsim in Operation Flashpoint and the ArmA series for over 10 years. Headed up by a  leadership team with  operational  military experience in the combat arms, our aim is to emulate British military tactics as  closely as possible within  the limitations of the game while still having  fun. We host internally made missions and campaigns on our dedicated  server every Wednesday and Sunday between 20:00 and 22:30 UK Time. We maintain around 50 active members and  have a consistent mission turnout of a full platoon.



3 (Morton)  Platoon, A Company, 1st Battalion The Volunteer Commandos (ORBAT) is a fictional unit, nominally attached to 3 Commando Brigade Royal Marines, providing plenty of options for different mission scenarios whilst  supported by a realistic amount of Combat  Support.  The Platoon Commander is a  former Captain in the British Army and is ably assisted by the Platoon Sergeant, a serving  Royal Marine Commando. The platoon has three rifle sections each with its own distinctive heritage and culture. See the About VCB page for further information.

Operations & Training

Our operations are planned and conducted in a series of month long campaign deployments.  Each mission typically takes 2 to 3 hours during which we tackle a  wide variety of tasks depending on the current operational objectives. Our standard TTPs cover everything a  light infantry platoon might be expected to do on  operations, including section and platoon attacks, ambushes, counter-insurgency, litoral assaults, airborne ops, route clearance or close target reconnaissance. Campaigns are generally  persistent, with  the outcome of each mission affecting the overall success of the deployment.

We have a progressive training schedule which will teach all recruits  everything they need to know to operate effectively as a rifleman.  We regularly conduct collective training as a platoon and all of our training courses are created and delivered by serving or former military personnel to ensure what we teach is realistic, relevant and up to date with current British military doctrine.



The success of VOLCBAT depends on the quality of our members and not mere numbers. Recruitment is always open but we have an upper limit on the number of members we have at any time in order to maintain high a level of competence and enjoyment on operations.  Only the best applications will be considered so it pays to put in a little effort. If you are interested in joining, please refer to the Joining VCB page for further details.